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August 2014
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10 - Can Cancer be a gift? For Entrepreneur Jordan Guernsey It Is...

There is no good or bad, only perception. In this first "interview" of the podcast, I have a conversation with my new friend Jordan Guernsey. Jordan is a very successful entrepreneur who was diagnosed with cancer, and was told that he has no more than 5 years to live. He has an incredible perspective on life and in this episode we talk about health, happiness, and how to build a business that thrives in your absence.

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9 - Build Willpower, Sharpen Focus, and Take Charge of Your Subconcious with One New Habit.

In this short episode I'll be digging into a daily ritual that I picked up a few months back that not only has tremendous health benefits, but helps build your willpower, sharpen your focus, and take charge of your subconscious. I hope you enjoy it!

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8 - Dan Martell on why Balance is B.S. (My favourite talk from Mtalks)

This is a podcast episode that I've been wanting to release for over 8 months now. It's a talk by my good friend Dan Martell ,and it completely shifted the tone of our event. This is my  favourite talk from our stage  to date, and hopefully it will be yours as well.

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7 - How I Hit #1 on iTunes (and it's not s sexy as you think)

A few hours after launching the podcast, we hit #1 in business and #3 out of all the podcasts on iTunes. I'm not a big name, and I don't have a large email list... Listen to this episode to hear step by step how I did it.

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6 - Tony Hawk, Haiti, and James Altucher's Talk from Mastermind Talks

What does Tony Hawk, Haiti, and contrast bias have in common? Nothing. But they are all talked about in this episode. Also, I share one of my favourite talks from last year's MastermindTalks event with James Altucher.

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5 - Access; The Ultimate Asset. How To Connect With Big Names Like Tim Ferris and Richard Branson

In this episode I dig into the tools, and tactics you can use to "reach the unreachable". I'll share the story of a friend of mine who went from being a small town entrepreneur, to working with big names like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson.

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4 - Harnessing Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression With Cameron Herold

When you're an entrepreneur, the highs are high, and the lows are low. In this episode, TED speaker Cameron Herold breaks down the emotional roller coaster that is entrepreneurship, and provides a roadmap on how to leverage the ups and downs.

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3 - Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Sabatoge Their Success (And How To Avoid Them)

Self sabotage is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with behind the scenes, but is rarely spoken about. In this episode I talk about five reasons we often sabotage ourselves as entrepreneurs, and how to avoid these traps.

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2 - No Pressure No Diamonds (My Story)

People won't buy your success if they don't buy your struggles. In this episode I talk openly about my entrepreneurial journey which includes building a 6 million dollar business, hitting rock bottom, and the lessons learned along the way.

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1 - I'm Back! Welcome to the Mastermind Talks Podcast

Months after my #1 rated "Early to Rise" business podcast was taken down, I'm officially back! In this episode I talk about my issues with iTunes, what's new, and whether or not this new show is right for you.

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