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“I think anyone can be a great, great superconnector whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert.” - Ryan Paugh
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In today’s episode I sit down with the Superconnectors themselves, Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh. Scott and Ryan founded the YEC, an invite-only organization for entrepreneurs under 40 back in 2010, which quickly became one of the most elite organizations of its kind. Since then they have partnered on virtually everything they have done from founding a service-based company to The Forbes Leaderships Councils.  


I had the pleasure to sit down with these two fine gents just before their book, Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter hit the shelves back in February and it has since become and instant hit.


From understanding your natural style of connection, to forging partnerships capable of standing the test of time, and how to become a Superconnecting rockstar in your your own circles, in this episode of Community Made!


Reviewer of the week: Nate Lesnik


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Never get a real job



People mentioned in this episode:

Kyle Kramer

Steve Sims


Richard Branson

Morely Safer

Penelope Trunk

Chris Farley

Gary Vaynerchuck

JJ Ramberg

Ryan Holiday

Tim Ferriss

Clay Hebert

Michael Roderick

Neal Strauss

David Hassel


“If I could buy people at what they think they're worth, and sell them at their true value, I’d be filthy rich.“ Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet

Amazing people become more amazing over time and you just can’t predict who someone will become or what they will go on to accomplish in their life.

So if you’re looking to build a world class network, if you appreciate the power of proximity and want to build a solid group of peers, then find people who are undervalued, under-appreciated, who show great potential, and double down on them. You’ll be glad you did.

Practical steps for scouting new and promising talent, how to capture relationship intelligence, my 6 Strategies for investing in relationships so that you can really nurture them for the long haul, and so much more in this episode of Community Made…

Reviewer of the week: Zvi Band


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The Tim Ferriss Show

The 5 Love Languages


People mentioned

Ryan Holiday

Nick Kusmich

Tim Ferriss

Richard Branson

John Paul Dejoria

Travis Kalanick

Eric Schmidt

Bob Chapman

Burnay Brown

Dan martell

Tony Robbins

John Ruhlin


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“If you want a world class network, you need to invest in world class people.” Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet


I’m a firm believer that all problems can be solved with the right peer group. That being said, if you’re looking to build a world class network then you got to go wide in your networking and narrow in your nurturing.


In this episode I share action-oriented strategies for building an incredibly peer group regardless of whether you’re just starting out or already established as a community catalyst within your circles. You will learn the 5 categories of relationships and the practical steps you can take nurture them each step of the way, why the key to a strong network is subtraction not addition, and how to constantly be re-investing in existing relationships and micro-investing in new ones

this week on Community Made…


Reviewer of the week: Sol Orwell


Select Links and References:

Warren Buffett’s ‘20 Slot’ Rule: How to Simplify Your Life and Maximize Your Results

Summit Series

Fire by Judy Brown


People Mentioned in this episode

James Clear

Warren Buffett

Robin Dunbar

John Ive

Esther Perel

Tim Ferriss

Larry Page

Sergei Brin

Casey Neistat

Tai Lopez

Kevin Kelly

Judy Brown


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If you want to be great at something, find someone who’s the best at it and learn from them.” -Todd Herman


Full disclosure: I am a huge Todd Herman fan. I met Todd during one of the darkest times of my life, and my connection to him has had a substantial positive impact.

This man owns real estate in my mind when it comes to mentorship, and for good reason. His digital book, The Definitive Guide on Finding & Becoming a Mentor is the most underrated piece of literature on the subject I have ever read.

In this episode of Community Made, the two of us sit down to discuss the many myths of mentorship, Todd's framework for finding a great mentor, his personal playbook on how to be a great mentor, and the many benefits that can be found in mentoring other people...


Reviewer of the Week: Christy Burch


Select Links and References

The Definitive Guide on Finding & Becoming a Mentor

Seeking Wisdom by Peter Bevelin

Contagious by Jonah Berger

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Luxy Hair

Coaching the Mental Game by Harvey Dorfman

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

The 90 Day Year

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“The best mentors know this: Instead of giving answers, they ask better questions. Instead of speaking in absolutes, they offer points of view. Instead of giving direct advice, they share their first hand experience.” Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet


Looking backwards on my career, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am without the guidance of a few great mentors that took me under their wing. I have learned that you’re never too old to have a mentor, you’ll need different mentors at different stages in your life and career, and no one person will take you from good to great and excellent to exceptional, so approach it with the goal of creating a network of mentors instead of looking for the whole package.

Why the wisest investment is wisdom, how to make the most of a mentoring relationship regardless of which side of the equation you might fall, myths of mentorship that we tend to take as truths, and the 4 stages of mentoring, and so much more in this episode of Community Made!


Reviewer of the week: Na Ka


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”I was feeling a little bit isolated in my entrepreneurial journey and I just wanted to build a circle of people.” Alexis Dean Click to Tweet

In this episode of Community Made I sit down with two uber-catalysts, Giovanni Marsico and Alexis Dean. Giovanni is the founder of Archangel Summit, Archangel Academy and Archangel Masters, a trifecta designed to support mission-driven entrepreneurs, help socially oriented startups fund their dreams, and connect global leaders in cause-driven enterprise through annual gatherings. Alexis is the founder of Dovetail Summit, a curated global community of high performing female founders who gather at invitation-only, all-inclusive summit weekends.  

The three of us discuss how to build communities at scale, finding your tribe, the complexities of hosting small intimate gatherings vs. huge summit style events, best practices for vetting potential members and attendees and so much more!

Reviewer of the week: Ernest Khan

Select Links and References:
ArchAngel Masters

Archangel Summit

Dovetail Team Building

To apply for an invitation to the Dovetail Summer Summit (August 9th - 12th, 2018) visit: Dovetail Summit

People mentioned in this episode:

Joe Polish

Chris Guillebeau

Dan Martell

Sol Orwell

A.J. Jacobs

James Altucher

Naveen Jain

Tony Gareri

Clay Hebert

Today I sit down with publicity powerhouses Selena Soo and Chris Winfield to discuss how their “divide and conquer” mentality has enabled them to host dinners for some of NYC’s top media influencers.

Reviewer of the week: Mary Dooley


Select Links and References

Elite Retreat

Impacting Millions

Unfair Advantage


People mentioned in this episode:

Derek Halpern

Dan Martell

Todd Herman

John Corcoran

Clay Hebert

Neil Patell

Jeffrey Zurofsky

Michael Fishman

Ramit Sethi

Steve Jobs

Danny Meyer

Pat Flynn

John Lee Dumas

Chris Ducker

Kimra Luna

Suzy Moore

Ryan Lee

Sol Orwell

Victor Chung

David Olk

Neil Strauss

Nick Onken

Jonathon Fields

Ryan Lee

“If you’re not acting consistently, then any strategy you try to implement will be useless” - Zvi Band Click to Tweet


How do you successfully implement a relationship strategy that nurtures key connections and takes them to the next level?

In this episode of the Community Made Podcast, Derek Coburn and Zvi Band about best practices for building a killer network from scratch. Derek founded Cadre, which is a relationship-oriented, invitation-only community of successful business owners. And Zvi Band is the CEO of Contactually, which is essentially a relationship-based CRM system. I use the software myself, and it’s had such a positive impact on my relationships… all of this to say, they’re the real deal when it comes to building networks.

Get ready to hear how to create a network of incredible people from scratch on this episode of Community Made...


Reviewer of the week: Michelle Talbert


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Networking is Not Working

Your Network is Your Net Worth by Porter Gale

Book in a Box



747 dinners



People mentioned in this episode:

Daniel Pink

Joey Coleman

Glenn Hellman

Anton Zolotov

Tucker Max

Chris Brogan

James Altucher

Ryan Holiday

Neils Parker

Clay Hebert

Steve Jobs

Warren Buffett

Gary Vaynerchuck

Tim Ferriss

Chris Shembrauf

Eddie Vedder

Richard Branson

Michael Port

Jay Papasan

Scott Stratten

John Hall

Sol Orwell

Cal Newport


“I do dinners selfishly because I’m fascinated… I just have an addiction to being around people who are passionate about what they’re creating in the world. Period.” - Dan Martell


In this episode of Community Made I sit down with my dear friends Sol Orwell and Dan Martell to talk about their signature styles of hosting catalyst dinners in their own communities. The three of us discuss everything you need to consider to become an excellent host. From best practices for invitations, to seating assignments, venue selection, tips for facilitating great dinner conversations and so much more….


Select Links and References

Sol Orwell

Dan Martell

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferazzi


People mentioned in this episode:

  • Clay Hebert
  • Michael Litt
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Keith Ferrazzi
  • Jeff Walker
  • Lewis Howes
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Shaa Wasmund
  • Joey Coleman
  • Chris Plough
  • Chris Ashenden
  • Mark Cuban
  • Derek Coburn
  • Richard Branson
  • Dave McClure
  • Ryan Holmes
  • Michael Lind
  • Rick Perreault
  • Nicholas Kusmich
  • Trivinia Barber
  • Jack Canfield
  • Steve Hanselman
  • Frank Bouchard
  • Matt Bertulli
  • Neil Patel
  • Jim Estill
  • Darryl Hicks

I’m a firm believer that all problems can be solved with the right peer group. Hosting dinners and unique live experiences is my favourite way to seed new relationships and re-invest in existing ones. To date I’ve done hundreds of dinners in cities all over North America but in full transparency, I was a complete wreck while planning my first dinner so many years ago.

In this episode of Community Made I’m going to share some of the key takeaways from my book Mastermind Dinners: Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers, and Linchpins and provide an in-depth play by play of what went into the planning of one of my most recent dinners, giving you the playbook on how to become a super-connecting catalyst in your own community. Enjoy!


Reviewer of the week: Mark Fujiwara


Links and references

Mastermind Dinners: Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers, and Linchpins

The Art of Charm Podcast

People mentioned in this episode

  • Seth Godin
  • Neil Strauss
  • Jordan Harbinger
  • David Buss
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Mark Ecko
  • Dave Asprey
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Travis Kalanick
  • Eric Schmidt
  • BJ Fogg
  • Simon Sinek

Simon Bowen

Robert Cialdini

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“It wasn’t about being a great musician. It was about irritating the parents as much as we could”  Shep Gordon Click to Tweet

This is a very special conversation for me. Leveraging many of the principles shared in the previous "reaching the unreachable" episode, I connected (and ultimately fostered a great relationship) with the legendary Shep Gordon. A man who's name is synonymous with Film, Music, and the Culinary Arts.

He's known by GQ magazine as the unfamous man who made everyone famous, and in this episode you'll discover why.

Be prepared for one of the best storytellers you’ll ever hear on this week’s episode of Community Made...

Reviewer of the Week:
Kirsten Reeder

Select Links and References

SuperMench Documentary - Supermench: The Legend of Shep Gordon

They Call Me Supermench: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food, and Rock 'n' Roll

Song: Wake Up Everybody by Harold Melvin

Chitlin’ Circuit

Earth, Wind, and Fire

BBC Documentary of Teddy

Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Whales of August

Stop Making Sense

Cannes Film Festival

EMI Records

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“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people will reward effort. The success of your outreach is often in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put into it.” Click to Tweet

Connecting with big names is more of an art than a science and in today’s episode I’m going to talk you through 3 real life examples of reaching the unreachable to dissect the strategies used in each case to make those connections finally happen.

If you listen carefully, you’ll discover ways to cut through the noise, how to work with gatekeepers, and how to turn rejection into opportunity….

Reviewer of the Week: Ryan France

Select Links and References

The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

They Call Me Supermensch: A Backstage Pass to the Amazing Worlds of Film, Food, and Rock’n’Roll

Underground - Online Marketing Seminar

Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within

Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

Board Meetings Retreat by Jim Sheils


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“I have been able to build a lot of relationships with speakers and mentors – not by being the most exciting person in the room – but by being the most attentive person in the room” – Vanessa Van Edwards Click to Tweet

Vanessa Van Edwards went from struggling with social interactions in college to becoming the recognized expert on relationship building communication skills and author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People.

In this episode I sit down with Vanessa and UJ Ramdas, the creator of the Five Minute Journal to discuss tips and strategies for building meaningful connections at conferences and how to nurture those connections for genuine relationship building over time.

How to maximize your time and energy at conferences, approach speakers and VIPs, master the art of small talk, and so much more…

Review of the week: Jay Wong

Select Links and References

Vanessa Van Edwards

UJ Ramdas

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People by Vanessa Van Edwards

Tribe by Sebastian Junger

People mentioned in this episode:

Adam and Jordan Bornstein

Jason Feifer

Mark Manson

Richard Branson

Jesse Katz

Tim Ferriss

Pellegrino Castronovo

Dan Martell

Sol Orwell

Dave Chappelle

Yanik Silver

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“What’s funny is why we get introductions wrong. We either never get taught how to do it, or we learn this stupid thing called the elevator pitch.” ~ Clay Hebert Click to Tweet

A good introduction should engage you, draw you in, and leave you wanting more. It’s not a slogan or a sales attempt, and if it comes across like one it will turn people off. If your nervous, unprepared, or a little too aggressive you not only compromise what you’re saying but how you’re saying it.  

The good news is that how you introduce yourself is completely within your control; something that you can and should prepare in advance.

In this episode of Community Made I sit down with Clay Hebert to discuss how to craft the perfect introduction, engage in small talk, and nail first impressions each and every time...

Reviewer of the week: Melissa C

Select Links and References
Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman


The Perfect Calendar

The Perfect Introduction Facebook Group

People mentioned in this episode:

Brian Kurtz

Phil Randazzo

Michael Fishman

Joey Coleman

Matt Mullenweg

Richard Branson

Elisha Otis

Jim Kwik

Simon Mainwaring

Dan Martell

Doug Brackmann

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 “Anybody I know who really makes the most out of live experiences, judges an event not by the content, but by the potential connections.” Click to Tweet

Events have the power to deliver a disproportionate amount of value for the amount investment made. Almost every time someone has helped me overcome an obstacle, opened a door of opportunity, or made a profound introduction, it’s been someone that I originally connected with at a live event. Investing your time, money, and energy into attending events is an absolutely critical part of building new relationships and growing your network. But for so many of us, events are a serious pain point.

In this episode I offer you an event networking guide that anyone can use to maximize the ROI of attending events, with particular tips and tricks for all you introverts out there. Because growth begins at the end of your comfort zone...

Reviewer of the week: Josh Stanton

Links and References:

Mastermind Dinners: Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers, and Linchpins by Jayson Gaignard

An easy conversation trick that will make you more likable from CNBC

Why talking about yourself can be as pleasurable as sex from The Daily Mail

People mentioned in this episode:

Yanik Silver

Joe Gebbia

Clay Herbert

Satya Twena

Vanessa Van Edwards

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“You can't change the people around you, but you can change the people you are around. Who you surround yourself with is who you become, so choose wisely.“ ~ Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet

Studies prove time and again that strong relationships are the key to lifelong health and wellbeing, yet in today’s digital age we are drowning in contacts and absolutely starved for genuine connection to other people. Entrepreneurs, who already tend to be socially isolated due to the demands of their professional lives, are particularly susceptible to depression and the detrimental effects of lacking social connection.

In this episode I dive into the importance of establishing your tribe, the power of peer group influence, and how to assess whether you should love them, lift them, or leave them.

You really are the company you keep.

Reviewer of the week: Gordie Bufton

Select links and references:

“4 Words That Will Get Your Email Opened” by AWeber

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't by Jim Collins

Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness by Robert Waldinger

People Mentioned in this episode:

Keith Ferrazzi

John Wooden

Dan Sullivan

Jim Collins

Warren Buffett

Jim John

Sebastian Junger

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“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you just need to trust that they will somehow connect.” Steve Jobs
In 2011 I attended an invite only event hosted by Tim Ferriss geared towards authors who wanted to become New York Times Best Sellers. I had no desire to write a book at the time, but with a price tag of $10k USD, I had a strong feeling that there was bound to be some interesting people in attendance. That event fundamentally changed the trajectory of my life.
In this episode I share...
- Why you never know the value of your relationships until you really need them.
- How Seth Godin’s Q&A inspired me to host my very first Mastermind Dinner (which later led to the creation of MMT).
- and why I bought 4000 copies of Tim Ferriss’ book.
Also, a special shout out to our reviewer of the week Lee DeBoo!

Select Links and References:

Opening the Kimono

Mastermind Dinners

The Four Hour Chef

The All You Can Eat Campaign of Goodness by Tim Ferris

People mentioned in this episode:

Tim Ferriss

Seth Godin

Thornton May

Scott Kavanagh


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“I’ve been doubling down on relationships for the last 4 years and I’ve never felt more fulfilled, I’ve never been in a better financial position. To me it’s the safest, wisest investment you can make.”  Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet

Season two of the podcast - How to Grow, Nurture, and Amplify Your Business Relationships - is just a few short weeks away and I figured what better way to introduce the season than this rapid fire, actionable chat with podcasting pro Andrew Youderian. So I’m turning the tables in this Wildcard Wednesday episode of Community Made and sharing a recent interview featuring yours truly on the eCommerceFuel Podcast.

How to connect with influencers, deciding when leverage the power of your network, the rules of facilitating warm introductions for people in your inner circle, and so much more...

The perfect primer for season two, I hope enjoy this intimate, one on one!

Select Links and References

eCommerceFuel Community

eCommerceFuel Podcast

Tribe by Sebastian Junger

People Mentioned in this episode:

Kevin Rose

Seth Godin

Tim Ferriss

Gary Vaynerchuk

Elon Musk


Direct download: Wildcard_Wednesday_-_Strategies_for_Building_a_World_Class_Network.mp3
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In this very special Wildcard Wednesday episode it is my privilege to sit down James Altucher and A.J. Jacobs to discuss the art of the interview. James is the host of the top rated podcast The James Altucher Show and best-selling author of over 17 books including Choose Yourself and The Power of No. He’s also a contributing writer to publications like the The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. A.J. is a contributing editor for Esquire, commentator on NPR, and the author of six books including New York Times bestseller, My Year of Living Biblically and his latest work It’s All Relative.

In this episode the three of us sit down to discuss interviewing big names like George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson, how to build instant rapport with interview guests, and what to do when your interview tanks. Ever wondered happens when you put three interviewers in a room together for over two hours? This...

Select Links and References:

It’s All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the Family Tree by A.J. Jacobs

Know it All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World by A.J. Jacobs

Fractured Fairy Tales by A.J. Jacobs

The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs

People mentioned in this episode:

Tim Ferriss

Louis CK

Jerry Seinfeld

Garry Kasparov

George Clooney

Scarlett Johansson

Adam Grant

Eva Longoria

Joe Rogan

Marc Maron

Gerard Butler

Biz Markie

Tim Kennedy

Chuck Klosterman

Bill Maher

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Shane Claiborne

Direct download: How_to_Build_Instant_Rapport.mp3
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